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We started this business to keep our family actively working together. We have built this company with our first 30 foot inflatable movie screen to over 30 screens and now our newest adventure a gaming facility. We are so proud of our company and how far WE have come together as a team (more importantly, a family) and we cannot believe how fast WE are growing.

We started this back in the summer of 2012 when I, Kristin Moore left my wonderful company back in Las Vegas and moved here to Utah. We (my Husband and I Kelly Moore) wanted to invest in something that would build and grow with our family. You see we have noticed that a lot of children in the younger generation have a hard time with working so we felt, Kelly and I, that we wanted something to help our children grow into something that would help them, as well as others. We have felt that our business has helped with our family by helping our children be responsible and gain their own self-esteem.

We have enjoyed the summer gigs that we have had, but we felt a need for something more. Kelly came up with this original ideal to build this gaming facility and bring gaming tournaments to the next level here in Utah. I know that if you came to our facility you would feel the same way. We are very proud of our business and what this has become. As I said we started off small with just one screen, and now we have over 30 screens and we are still growing!

We can accommodate any size, and any place. We have done several events throughout the summer with one 30 foot screen to all three of our screens which include one-30 foot, one-40 foot and the biggest one out there 50 foot screen.  We can put up all three for a huge drive in movie experience or just one. We can bring you the WOW Factor to your next event with the ultimate Go Big or Go Home experience.

In addition WE bring everything to your event. Meaning we bring the whole package, our own projectors, speakers, surround sound, PA system and our own power. Yes our own power. All you need is to tell us how many people, when you want us and WE take care of the rest. If you would like food added to your event we can also include that as well. We have our own food trailer to bring you the full experience.

Contact us for any event small or BIG we can help you with your next Company, Birthday or a Grad Bash. We would love to help on your next event.

Thank you for stopping by and have an amazing day!!!



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